Where it All Started


This all started on the side of the road, yard-sale style in a small beach town in New Jersey. It's all rooted in a simple concept. Live simple, do as much good as you can along the way, and if you believe in something, listen to your heart, listen to the universe, and make an impact. 


 My art has been a release, a safe place, a sanctuary. A place of peace in my mind as well as my surroundings. It is moved by the ocean because the ocean forced me to grow, forced me to conquer my fears. And in the long run, the ocean forced me to be in the moment, because that’s what she asks of all of us, when we are consumed by her. 

The pain I mentioned before was breaking me down from the inside due to a job that was not good for my soul. But in hindsight, it all pushed me towards an outlet to release and to create. I whole-heartedly believe we are all artists in our own way. We just have to find our path, commit to it, and be in the moment. 

My main goal with my art has always been for it to feel happy, to be soothing, and to bring peace and joy to others. The more I grow as an artist, the more I understand that, for me, what really gets me stoked is when others connect to my art in a way that may bring them some peace and happiness. 

Because in the end, if we are not bringing joy, peace, and happiness to others, then what are we doing?