Pure Joy - Original Artwork created on mixed media paper with acrylic and ink. Matted in high profile shadowbox frames
Pure Joy - Original Artwork created on mixed media paper with acrylic and ink. Matted in high profile shadowbox frames

Pure Joy

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Pure Joy - 2019

Inspired by the pure joy you feel when gliding across the face of a wave, whether on your feet, knees, boogie, however you experience the ocean; it provides pure joy


Ankle High Glide Collection - Inspired by the endless love for baby waves 

What started out as just a fun little series, turned into something much more. It gave me a chance to really reflect upon my journey with the ocean and learning how to surf and how much it has shaped my life and my path.

My goal has always been to keep surfing fun, to be in the moment, and truly appreciate and understand what a blessing it is to be able to share unforgettable moments out on the water.

I will forever love small waves and the joy they bring, but will also continue to push myself in the water. I will continue to conquer fears and collect lessons every time I paddle out.

These sketches reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from Kai Lenny “Big waves are relative. I think everyone is a big wave surfer if the waves seem big to you, it’s all relative”” 

This entire series is dedicated every “big wave surfer” who continues to grow with every paddle out. Smile more, share the stoke, be present, and always remember how remarkable it is to catch and ride a wave at any size.

All works are created with acrylic and ink on mixed media paper, matted in high profile 11" x 14" shadowbox frames. 

Orders ship in approx 7-10 business days.


From Sketches, We Grow…

As I was moving into my new studio space a few months back, Marshall found all of my sketch pads from the past 7 years. Filled with original works, that I never sold or even thought to do anything with. Maybe some of it was having trouble letting go, some was filled with doubt that anyone would value the original work with all the pencil marks and blemishes; but as I really looked through each piece, each one tells its own story, and has so much meaning behind it.

As you grow and move through life, you understand more that any good or anything you gain positive most likely comes from the imperfections and the blemishes. So, in this chapter of my life, I am very proud to release this collection of artwork.

This collection not only showcases my work over the past 7 years, it showcases my personal journey, my growth, it showcases a chapter of my life.