Be Where you Are- Original Artwork created on mixed media paper with acrylic and ink. Matted in high profile shadowbox frames
Be Where you Are - Original Artwork created on mixed media paper with acrylic and ink. Matted in high profile shadowbox frames

Be Where You Are

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Be Where You Are - 2019

"Don't let your Dreams be Dreams" Collection 2019

This series was inspired by our journey to creating our small business, and how all of our passions are a part of that business. So many people walk into Peace of Wood, and ask "what all happens here". It's a mix of music, community, surfing, art, tacos, inspiration, and a place to come together. If you know us, it makes complete sense, it encompasses everything we love under one roof. 

Yoga came into my life around the same time I started painting and learning how to surf. It's crazy how all of these things came into my life at such a transitional time and lead me to one amazing path all centered around the ocean. My yoga practice has taught me so many things about myself, some ugly truths, many things I needed to let go, and made room for some much needed self-love. I battled so long with confidence and body image issues, yoga really taught me to honor my body and all of its capabilities. It taught me to embrace all the darkness and honor the light. I'm forever a work in progress, but I'm so grateful for the journey and all those who have shared their practice with me along the way. 

All works are created with acrylic and ink on mixed media paper, matted in high profile 11" x 14" shadowbox frames. 

Orders ship in approx 7-10 business days.


From Sketches, We Grow…

As I was moving into my new studio space a few months back, Marshall found all of my sketch pads from the past 7 years. Filled with original works, that I never sold or even thought to do anything with. Maybe some of it was having trouble letting go, some was filled with doubt that anyone would value the original work with all the pencil marks and blemishes; but as I really looked through each piece, each one tells its own story, and has so much meaning behind it.

As you grow and move through life, you understand more that any good or anything you gain positive most likely comes from the imperfections and the blemishes. So, in this chapter of my life, I am very proud to release this collection of artwork.

This collection not only showcases my work over the past 7 years, it showcases my personal journey, my growth, it showcases a chapter of my life.