My Karma Tree
My Karma Tree
My Karma Tree

My Karma Tree

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4ftx4ft Epoxy Resin Canvas. Mixed Media Artwork. Framed and ready to hang in it’s forever home!!


“”My Karma Tree””


Throughout this year, a major focus of mine was “”watering the positive seeds in my life”” Nurturing what nurtures me, and letting go of what doesn’t serve me any more.  Being very mindful of where I put my energy, and always leading with intention. ✨🌿


In order to be nourished by the fruit of the tree, we must care for it, water it, and also trust the process. We cannot rush the outcome, but we will get out what we put into it. We are all truly connected. We thrive when we come together and are rooted in a positive intention!! May we set an intention this year to continue to water those positive seeds and have the patience to see the fruits of our love and labor 🙏✨


**** Due to the large scale design of this artwork, it’s available for local pick-up, delivery is available along the east coast within reason so please message me with any questions or delivery options!